Amigos de Nicaragua Azul y Blanco has been striving to improve the lives of oppressed citizens from Nicaragua by providing them aid, tools and support that will enable them to study, work and continue their practice or work towards their goals in a safe and welcoming environment. 

ANAB Trip to the OAS

As you may already  know, we operate out of the United States, and work hand in hand with individuals in Nicaragua and Costa Rica respectively for the betterment of those seeking asylum. In June, our team members funded their own travel to the Organization of American States General Assembly held  in Medellin, Colombia to inform others about the issues surrounding refugees trying to find placement in the United States after falling victim to the issues in their own country. Our goal is to spread international awareness about the crisis happening in Nicaragua and finding the safest solutions that will dramatically improve the lives of refugees and educate other countries in ways to help.

Helping Doctors Be Doctors in Costa Rica

The human rights crisis in Nicaragua has forced thousands of people into exile. Among them are the doctors who took care of the wounded during the protest in Nicaragua. They had to leave everything behind and flee with their families to protect their lives and the lives of their loved ones. It has been a year in exile, living in difficult situations, without any means to sustain themselves and unable to do what they do best: care for patients. ANAB has partnered with 7 of these doctors to change this. We are providing financial aid that allows them to prepare for the medical exam required to obtain their medical license in Costa Rica. As part of this amazing project, they have committed to “pay it forward”. They will be volunteering at refugee clinics, providing free medical care for up to 12 months from the date they receive their medical license in Costa Rica. They are scheduled to take the test on October 18, 2019. We will keep you updated on how they are doing and in out next newsletter share some of their stories. Please, keep them in your thoughts and prayers. Their success in obtaining their license will help thousands of Nicaraguan refugees who need medical care. 

Upcoming Events

Film Screening at Portobanco’s Restaurant

Join us on September 27th to watch “Las Sandanistas”, a film by Jenny Murray. There will be fine Nicaraguan cuisine provided by Portobanco’s restaurant, as well as a cash bar serving beer and wine.

Don’t miss this chance to become fully informed on the history of the crisis in Nicaragua!

$50 donation for entrance, $60 will include valet parking

Oppressed Nicaraguans Need Your Help!

Those people who were affected by the crisis in Nicaragua need assistance from benefactors like you. Their needs range from legal and medical assistance to everyday necessities. Even a small donation goes a long way to helping restore these individual’s human rights. If you want to help over time, become a sustaining benefactor. You can donate as little as $10 a month, which will go even further to helping us continue our current and future projects.