Coordination of acquisition and distribution of medical supplies to students and families of political prisoners (September 2018):

Students who were at the barricades were being shot by police and paramilitary forces. They were unable to obtain medical treatment because the local hospitals were being threatened by the government forces. We coordinated delivery of much needed medical supplies to volunteer doctors who were risking their lives as well their careers (doctors who helped the protesters were fired from their jobs)

Donation in coordination with Movimiento Autónomo 18 de Abril

We worked with a grassroots organization located in Nicaragua to obtain food and medication for students who were injured and in hiding after “Operacion Limpieza” (Operation Cleanup), which included the raiding of the barricades and occupation of the University (UNAN) by heavily armed police and paramilitary forces.

Financial assistance to attorneys defending political prisoners

We received a request from an NGO (non-government organization) called Popolna who provides pro bono legal assistance for political prisoners in Nicaragua. They needed money for such things as transportation, courthouse fees, office supplies, photocopies, and other legal related expenses. Unfortunately, soon after they received our donation, their organization was declared illegal by the Nicaraguan government along with all other NGOs, and their offices were ransacked. The attorneys, however, continue to provide legal services, free of charge.